Ayurveda : the way of life(आयुर्वेदो अमृतानाम)

Ayurveda is like a nectar.As the ​nectar gives longevity same way Ayurveda gives longevity.

It is the oldest health care system in the world with roots going back to the Vedic era.

It is also believed that Ayurveda was discovered by Brahma,​ ​the​ ​creator.

Ayurveda is made of two words.
That means “science of life” .

Ayurveda teaches the way of life that how we would be healthy.what kind of lifestyle we should adopt for being healthy,what to eat ,what not to eat.​ ​what to eat ,what not to eat.

Ayurveda believes that Regular daily routine has an effect on dosha, it is for good health,for a strong immune system and balance mind.here we mention below what kind of schedule should follow to be healthy……

Braham muhurat uttishthata (get up before sunrise)

Drink water empty stomach

Regular body massage (including scalp and sole of feet)

Take afterward a warm shower.

Yoga asanas or short walk or exercises


Going to bed between 9 pm to 10 pm.

Regular meals

Don’t have more than 3 meals a day; avoid meals in between

Have your meals always at the same time.

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