Burn your Body fat to do this Bharadvaja Asana

Twisting poses in yoga stretch and lengthen the spine, calm the nervous system, and help detoxify the body. Most yoga classes include at least some twisting poses because they offer so many great benefits. Bharadvaja’s Twist — called “Bharadvajasana I” (bah-RAHD-vah-JAHS-uh-nuh) in Sanskrit — is a simple seated position that is suitable for most people, including beginners. It’s named after the ancient Indian sage, Bharadvaja. He was a wise seer who is believed to have composed hymns that were later collected in ancient scriptures called the Vedas, around 1500 BCE. This pose is sometimes called, “Pose Dedicated to the Sage Bharadvaja.”

Practicing this twist can help re-balance your body from head to toe, inside and out. It can calm your mind and allow you to feel more peaceful — which might have been how Bharadvaja felt when composing his hymns!


Steps :

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you. Place your arms in a resting position at your sides.
  2. Bend your knees and bring them toward your left hip, such that the weight of your body is now resting on your right buttock. The inner side of your left ankle should now be able to rest on the arch of your right foot.
  3. Inhale slowly and stretch your spine to lengthen it as much as possible. Then, exhale slowly and twist your upper trunk to the maximum extent possible. You may keep your right hand on the floor and your left hand will rest on the outer part of the thigh of your right leg.
  4. Ensure that the hip on your left side presses down the weight of the body on the floor.
  5. Now, with a slight bend in the upper part of your back, twist around your backbone and feel its effects from your lower back to the tip of your head.
  6. Try to apply a lengthening force to your spine with each breath, and twist your body further with each exhalation.
  7. Turning your head, look out over the shoulder on your right. Remain in this pose for a minute.
  8. Exhale slowly and gently untwist your trunk to revert to its original position. Now, you need to repeat the same procedure with your right side, placing your weight on the left buttock.


Benefits of Bharadvajasana

  • Practicing Bharadvajasana consistently helps in extending and fortifying your arms, shoulders, spine, thighs, waist, calf muscles and your lower legs (Ankles).
  • It relives in lower back agony, neck torment and sciatica torment.
  • It is good remedial for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • It is beneficial in the symptoms of stress.
  • It gently massages the organs of abdominal.
  • It boosts the digestive system.
  • It enhances lungs capacity.
  • It stretches belly and reduces the fat of your belly.
  • Daily practices help in reducing side fats of your body.
  • It improves the blood circulation in body.




Bharadvajasana can add variety and detoxifying benefits to your regular yoga practice. Keep the following information in mind when practicing this pose:-

  • Keep the back of your neck soft. Let your head balance gently over your spine, and allow it to be the last part of your spine to turn. Never lead the twist with your head.
  • Let your belly be soft throughout the twist.
  • Keep your buttocks grounded throughout the pose.
  • Allow your pelvis to turn gently with the twist.
  • Do not rush the pose. Move with your breath. Lengthen your spine on the inhalations, and gently rotate deeper on the exhalations.
  • Perform the twist to the right first. Twisting your upper torso to the right will place pressure on the ascending colon. Twisting to the left places pressure on the descending colon. This right-left order stimulates digestion and detoxification. Reversing the sequence and pressing on the descending colon first may cause aggravation, constipation, bloating, and intestinal discomfort.


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